Munn makes movies

Unhappy simply being the hot chick on "Attack of the Show" or posing for skimpy photoshoots, Olivia Munn is segueing to a big time acting career. The AOTS host revealed on her Twitter page (@oliviamunn) that she's been cast in two upcoming movies. One she was happy to talk about, the second she's trying to keep a secret.

First up, Munn reveals she's scored a role in the upcoming Steve Carell/Tina Fey comedy DATE NIGHT. She'd star in the film with an impressive supporting cast that boasts Mark Wahlberg, James Franco and Common. Since most of major supporting roles have been filled, it's unclear how expansive Munn's role would be (if you'll remember, much was made of "Entertainment Tonight" host Maria Menounos' acting debut in FANTASTIC FOUR that added up to some very brief screen time).

Her other project she describes as an action movie that she's doing some training for. She says, "can't say what it is- legally not allowed. Will let you know when I'm allowed" later noting that both movies are filming this month. Any guesses?

Extra Tidbit: Munn can be seen in the STV movies BIG STAN and INSANITARIUM.
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