Murphy off to Nowhere

Eddie Murphy is the frontrunner to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in DREAMGIRLS and that clout has helped fasttrack his next film. Murphy will start shooting this summer on NOWHERELAND, a family comedy/fantasy about a businessman who suddenly loses his confidence, mojo if you will. He finds the answer to his problems in an imaginary world, Nowhereland, created by his young daughter. The script was written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson who worked together on BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE (Solomon went on to write MEN IN BLACK). Paramount, the very same studio who Murphy found success with on DREAMGIRLS, will produce and distribute. Murphy is prepping his next film, STARSHIP DAVE about a bunch of aliens going undercover in a human body, for Fox and would begin work on NOWHERELAND this summer. No director is attached yet but Murphy would likely have approval over that choice (don't expect John Landis). Murphy's next films NORBIT and SHREK 3 (also under the Paramount banner at sister studio DreamWorks) hit theaters in February and May respectively.

Extra Tidbit: Murphy allegedly choked director Landis on the set of COMING TO AMERICA and later said in a press conference, "Vic Morrow has a better chance of working with Landis than I do." Murphy and Landis then oddly reteamed on BEVERLY HILLS COP 3.
Source: Variety



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