Murphy's Fantasy Isle

Just how hard did Eddie Murphy take his non-win at this year's Oscars? Hard enough to go right from the kind of serious and respectable role worthy of a nomination into a remake of a TV series, if this rumor has merit.

Murphy is reportedly planning to take the lead role (and several others, which will no doubt require wearing more of those nightmarish fat-suits) in a feature film based on the Montalban-hosted melodrama FANTASY ISLAND. The writers of Murphy's tragic NORBIT are supposedly on the case, updating the script for Murphy's "unique" talents. For those too young to remember the 70s show (or its short-lived midgetless 90s version with Malcolm McDowell), it took place at a magical resort where guests could make their wishes come true, only to typically learn some flimsy moral instead.

I really miss Eddie Murphy... the charismatic Eddie from 48 HRS and TRADING PLACES and even BOWFINGER, not the charmless pod-person Eddie who replaced him for most of the past decade or so. I thought the original Eddie momentarily escaped for DREAMGIRLS, but it appears he's back in the basement...
Extra Tidbit: Details of the fantasy I would willingly pay for at such a resort are unprintable.
Source: IESB



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