Murray needs script

It's safe to say that I would follow Bill Murray into the fiery pits of hell.

So it doesn't bother me when I hear that Murray won't do GHOSTBUSTERS 3, without a good script of course. He's got a point. With a film as memorable as this one, it's got to be something spectacular. He also said that GHOSTBUSTERS 2 wasn't as good as the first. He's on target with that as well, even though it was still really enjoyable.

Actually, Murray goes as far to say that the third installment is part of someone's wishlist. This long overdue project just feels destined to stay a hopeful idea. There's so much back and forth but nothing ever has been concrete. Until there's some sort of script and it's worthy of doing, Murray isn't bothering to leave the house.

Extra Tidbit: Murray and I both know the GARFIELD movie wasn't so good but honestly, he was the best choice to voice the lasagna loving fat cat.



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