Murray says McG die

To start, all I can say is, don't f*ck with Bill Murray.

Unlike Wes Anderson, McG is not his favorite director to work with. McG (real name Joseph McGinty Nichol) recently said that Murray was headbutting him during a creative dispute on CHARLIE'S ANGELS.

You know what Murray had to say about that, “That’s bullshit! That’s complete crap! I don’t know why he made that story up. He has a very active imagination.” There's really no reason to be fond of McG. All he really ends up doing is making people angry, saying he's going to release 4 hours of director's cut footage on TERMINATOR SALVATION to only put out 30 minutes (Not that it would have been mind blowing or anything).

Murray took his anger a little further. This is the part you guys will really appreciate. With complete composure and absolute seriousness, Murray erupted, "No! He deserves to die." The cold stare settles in with he eloquently completes his sentence, "He should be pierced with a lance, not headbutted."

I think it's fair to say, these guys won't be working together again. This article is reason #568 of why I love Bill Murray.

Extra Tidbit: Of course, no one deserves to be killed...just tortured...a lot.
Source: Times Online



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