Murray sparks Ember

Bill Murray will take a rare starring role in a big-budget movie with the upcoming Walden Media adaptation of Jeanne DuPrau's CITY OF EMBER. The story takes place in a fictional land where there is no sun, moon or stars - only darkness. The only light during the "day" is provided by street lamps and the people of the town are worried that their generator and supplies are about to run out. Two young children find secret plans for how to escape their land into the uncharted "Unknown Regions" and look to save their society. Murray will play the sinister mayor of their town and the main villain of the story. Wow, normally I'd be bored with another fantasy young-adult adaptation but Bill Murray as a bad guy certainly has me intrigued. Toby Jones (INFAMOUS) and Saoirse Ronan have already been cast in the film. Gil Kenan (MONSTER HOUSE) is making his live-action directing debut on the project with Tom Hanks producing through his Playtone Productions. Murray hasn't been seen in film since 2005's BROKEN FLOWERS and has no other projects in the works.

Extra Tidbit: Murray was originally set to star in KINDERGARTEN COP but dropped out and was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Source: Variety



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