Music and costumes from the Spider-Man stage musical

See those... beings above? They are apparently the villains for the big-budget SPIDER-MAN Broadway muscial -- the stage variant of Green Goblin, and the original creation "Swiss Miss", which I can't believe they actually went through with.

The long-in-the-making and problem-plagued show, titled SPIDER-MAN: TURN OUT THE DARK for whatever reason, is finally hitting New York in a few months. And while that's our first garish glimpse of the aesthetic (there are reportedly several more of the webbed wonder's rivals in the production), you can also find a sampling of the music below, performed by the new Peter Parker. 

The wall-crawler's expensive tuneful adventure comes from director Julie Taymor (TITUS, FRIDA), with songs (including those delivered by a "Geek Chorus") to be provided by U2's Bono and The Edge. Surely you're now rushing to purchase tickets.

Extra Tidbit: Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming were previously set to play Mary Jane Watson and Green Goblin, but left when the project hit bumpy roads.
Source: Superhero Hype



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