Musketeers in 3D?

Paul WS Anderson (RESIDENT EVIL) has written and will produce an upcoming 3D version of the classic THREE MUSKETEERS tale for Constantin Films. The project looks to do for the MUSKETEERS what Robert Downey, Jr. and Guy Ritchie are doing for SHERLOCK HOLMES (i.e., modernizing the premise without losing the period setting). Anderson co-wrote the script with Andrew Davies (BRIDGET JONES' DIARY) and while that may seem like an unlikely pair, they were actually old college buddies. Anderson explains that he brought in Davies to write the "character and romance" while Anderson focused on the action.

The last MUSKETEERS film is perhaps most notable in my brain for that god awful Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart (three of perhaps the most annoying singers) song "All For Love." Here's hoping this version doesn't have an awful love theme. The film doesn't have a director yet but all involved hope to get production started early next year for a 2011 release date.

Extra Tidbit: 3 Musketeers bars are known as Milky Ways outside the US and Milky Ways are known as Mars bars. But what are Mars bars known as?
Source: THR



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