Mute concept art

MOON director Duncan Jones is hanging out in the sci-fi department for at least one more film. His next project, MUTE, follows a speechless bartender abducted while searching for his missing girlfriend, battling villains who are oddly enough, comedians. Oh right, the sci-fi part...it's in the future. Jones has touched briefly on the project in the past, here’s him explaining MUTE to Latino Review:

"[It's] a big future-city-based thriller; very, very different from Moon but hopefully as smart and hopefully, you know, it will be character-focused but it's -- again, like Blade Runner it's a big film and it's more action-oriented and I think it could be really good."

And speaking of BLADE RUNNER, the latest bit of info on the project comes in the form of this concept art from production company Liberty Films. And if you describe it without using BLADE RUNNER in the sentence, I’ll give you $20. It does look rather cool, and I’ll look forward to seeing more of MUTE in the future.

Extra Tidbit: Who's your favorite mute movie character?
Source: Latino Review



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