MvsA 3D commercials

Call it MONSTERS VS. ALIENS VS. THE SUPER BOWL. DreamWorks has launched an ambitious campaign to show off a 90-second 3D preview of MONSTERS VS. ALIENS during The Super Bowl. The glasses required to view the commercial in 3D will be available for free at Pepsi displays in over 28,000 locations throughout the US (mostly grocery, drug and electronics stores). Though MONSTERS VS. ALIENS will be presented in Tru3D with those fancy new glasses that don't give you head or stomach aches, the commercial will use the standard red/blue 3D glasses. The quality of the 3D won't be up to par with what you'll see in theaters but DreamWorks honcho Jeff Katzenberg promises that the quality will be superior to past TV 3D experiences. To help offset the costs (which are rumored to be in the tens of millions), NBC will also be airing an episode of "Chuck" in 3D with the MONSTERS VS. ALIENS glasses. MONSTERS VS. ALIENS hits theaters on March 27.

Extra Tidbit: Which two teams will be facing off in the Super Bowl this year?
Source: JoBlo.com



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