MWF2 Infamy trailer

No, this isn't specifically movie related, but what has two thumbs and doesn't care? This guy! That joke doesn't work as well on the internet…

Anyways, this new "Modern Warfare 2" trailer titled “Infamy” is probably one of the most cinematic game previews I’ve ever seen, so yeah, it’s practically a movie trailer. It’s a mix of gameplay and cutscenes, but everything is rendered with the in-game graphics engine and it looks just gorgeous.

At the very end of the trailer you'll see that this game actually might be a prequel to "Fallout," as there appears to be a full-on siege engulfing Washington DC. Yes, it’s exactly as cool as it sounds. This is one video game series that I don’t think will ever need to be adapted into a movie, because that’s practically what it is already, though I doubt that measly fact will distract the studios once they run out of board games.

Update: That was quick.

Extra Tidbit: Price lived, right? Right??
Source: JoBlo



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