My Fair Madden

After courting numerous directors like Joe Wright and Danny Boyle, Sony Pictures has found a director for their MY FAIR LADY remake. John Madden (SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE) is officially in talks to direct the film and is expected to begin work on casting in early 2010. But what's this, hasn't Keira Knightley been attached to star in the film for what seems like years now?

Turns out that while Knightley was interested in the project, there was an is no formal agreement for her participation. So while Knightley may in fact be one of the actresses in consideration, it seems she won't be the only actress. According to reports, the remake will hew more closely to the original "Pygmalion" play than the famous Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison film (so why not title the film PYGMALION?...). The good news, I suppose, is that the film will not be modernized in any way and will still be set in 1912 London.

Extra Tidbit: So THIS is why he quit announcing football....
Source: Variety



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