My Sassy Girl trailer

After years of multiple kidnappings, cougar fighting and other absurdity on 24, could this be the part that steers superblonde Elisha Cuthbert away from her increasing proximity to Tara Reid territory and up the feature film hotlist?

In Gold Circle's remake of the delightful Korean romantic comedy MY SASSY GIRL, Jesse Bradford is an unassuming guy who falls for a beautiful gal who also happens to be remarkably disturbed, leading to a fascinatingly unhealthy relationship (except more entertaining than all the ones in real life).

The movie comes from director and consonant collector Yann Samuell (who replaced BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM helmer Gurinder Chadha at some point during the project's lengthy journey), and it appears he managed to do some semblance of justice to the original. Fortunately this seems to be an early version of the trailer, so there's still time to replace the cheesy school-science-film narrator and the truly abominable music.

Extra Tidbit: Cuthbert seems to gravitate to certain words: she's appeared in LUCKY GIRL and THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, and THE QUIET and HE WAS A QUIET MAN. Also, she's extremely hot.
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