Myers as Mitty?

I feel like I've been writing about a remake of THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY ever since I first started here. There's the Steven Spielberg/Jim Carrey version and the Owen Wilson version among others. Now another comic actor is looking to get the project off the ground. Mike Myers is attached to star in a new version that is now set up at Fox. Former "Simpsons" writer Jay Kogen is working on a new script more to Myers' sensibilities. MITTY is just one part of the reemergence of Myers, which will officially kickoff this September when he begins work on his first original comedy in quite some time, THE LOVE GURU. MITTY would be a consideration for the follow-up to that film, battling with the biopic of Who drummer Keith Moon. Variety also reports that Myers and New Line are in very early discussions about a possible AUSTIN POWERS 4 that would be told from Dr. Evil's point of view.

Extra Tidbit: Kogen wrote classic "Simpsons" episodes "Last Exit to Springfield," "Treehouse of Horror III" and "Bart's Friend Falls in Love."
Source: Variety



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