Nailed not nailed

Despite numerous issues that have plagued the production, ThinkFilm has resumed filming on NAILED, the Jake Gyllenhaal/Jessica Biel political comedy. Production on the David O. Russell film was shut down on Friday when SAG learned there was a lack of funds on deposit to pay the actors. The actors guild said late yesterday that they had received "adequate financial assurances" that the actors - who include Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan, James Brolin and James Marsden in addition to Gyllenhaal and Biel - would get the cash they're due. While it's back to work for NAILED, it's just the beginning of problems for ThinkFilm who didn't even have enough money to run a newspaper ad for THEN SHE FOUND ME on Thursday. The financial issues may also be the end of upcoming projects including MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS with Scarlett Johansson set to star. NAILED started off on the wrong foot when the notoriously tempered Russell got into a fight with James Caan on set, leading to Caan walking off and quiting the film outright (Brolin replaced him in the film). As you may have heard, the film stars Biel as a sex-crazed nympho so if they need any more assistance with funding, I'll sign over my life savings.

Extra Tidbit: To take her mind off the troubles, Biel has decided to next star in JESSICA BIEL IS WET AND IN HER UNDERPANTS.
Source: Variety



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