Name is Bruce update

It's been a while since we heard much about Bruce Campbell's horror-comedy MY NAME IS BRUCE, but fear not, Chinfans! The flick is indeed on the way this October.

STYD caught up with producer and Dark Horse Comics honcho Mike Richardson, who says that the delay is simply due to an injection of more cash and TLC since the movie first screened a year or so ago. "Some people maybe thought the film fell out or that there was something wrong with it," he says. "We did our shoot, put it in the can and the studio that financed it liked it so much they gave us more money to do a second shoot. We beefed it up so it could go into the theaters." STYD also says that a potential sequel called MY NAME IS STILL BRUCE is already in the works!

The low-budget fun (which Campbell also directed) finds The Chin recruited to save a small town from an ancient Chinese demon. Unfortunately for everyone involved, his "real-life" monster-fighting skills aren't quite up to the level of his on-screen characters. Check out the trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Campbell appears in the second season of the superb spy show BURN NOTICE starting in July.
Source: STYD



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