Nancy Drew 2? Already?

NANCY DREW isn't set for release until June 15th but Warner Bros. has already set up a sequel and signed both star Emma Roberts and director Andrew Fleming to return. Why they decided to go ahead on a sequel to a movie that they aren't sure will be any kind of success remains unclear but they must think pretty highly of the film. Or perhaps they think highly of Roberts (cousin of Julia) as they've also signed her to star in another kid-friendly pic. WB has set Roberts to star in RODEO GIRL about a debutante who hopes to win the heart of a cowboy by entering a rodeo competition. Many years later she finds out that he was really gay and sneaking away to meet his lover that he met while a ranchhand many years back. Oh wait, that last part was BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. No word yet on what the plot of NANCY DREW 2 might follow but they certainly have a wealth of source material to draw from. This summer's version has the teen sleuth solving the murder mystery of a movie star (Anna Nicole?!).

Extra Tidbit: Two NANCY DREW movies and still no Encyclopedia Brown...
Source: Variety



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