Narnia 3 director is

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Well, if AICN is to be believed, the director of the third cinematic installment of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, subtitled THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER, in which Lucy and Edmund Pevensie alone find themselves scouring the islands of Narnia with its true prince Caspian, is none other than veteran British director Michael Apted. Probably best known for directing the Sigourney Weaver-starring biographical drama GORILLAS IN THE MIST, he's tried his hand at a little bit of everything including big budget James Bond actioner - THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - questionable Jennifer Lopez fluff - ENOUGH - overlooked but surprisingly decent Hugh Grant drama - EXTREME MEASURES - television - several episodes of HBO's "Rome" - and most recently period drama - AMAZING GRACE. Of course, we'll have to consider this a rumor until we get definitive confirmation via Disney or one of the Trades (though chances are this is a pretty solid scoop) but in the meantime, what do you guys think of this? Is Apted a good choice to guide the third installment into a ridiculous amount of box office moolah?

Extra Tidbit: "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is the third book released in the series but is the fifth chronologically.
Source: AICN



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