Narnia delays

Fans of the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA series will have to wait a little bit longer for the third installment. Disney has announced that they've delayed production on THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER from January to summer 2008. While that might not seem so bad, the effect it has on the film's release date is much greater. DAWN TREADER now won't be seen until 2010, a full year after its initially scheduled date. The official excuse for the delay is the "challenging schedules for our young actors," which may mean that they're working them until they have nervous breakdowns and the kids need a chance to chill for a little bit. Or it could mean that first time NARNIA director Michael Apted needs a little more time to acclimate himself to the universe before taking over for Andrew Adamson. Disney had prime location with its original date of May 1, 2009 date and instead of giving it up to another studio, they've moved in another Disney property, G-FORCE. This is a movie about "guinea pigs that are highly trained elite agents on a dangerous mission." Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Seriously. The second film in the NARNIA series, PRINCE CASPIAN, is scheduled to open this May.

Extra Tidbit: This G-FORCE movie has been in production since 2004! It's a movie about guinea pigs!!



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