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Narnia's dragon


Alright, I know what you’re thinking. "How many posts can you make about spy shots of the boat from THE DAWN TREADER?" The answer is, as many as I have to when it’s an especially slow news day, and also, there’s a dragon in this one, so there.

The folks over at Narnia Fans have apparently been doing recon at the Dawn Treader’s shipyard yet again, and this time have snapped a few more shots that show the progression of the building of movie’s titular boat, which judging from the pictures, must be all of the movie's budget and then some. Next thing you know they’ll actually be training a real lion to talk like Liam Neeson instead of animating it.

Click on the jolly dragon below to head over to Narnia Fans to see the rest of him, including a rather wicked pair of wings.

Extra Tidbit: I can't see this film series making it through all seven books. No way.
Source: Narnia Fans



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