National Treasure 3

Josh over at CinemaBlend caught up with NATIONAL TREASURE director John Turtletaub, who let slip his intentions to make a third film in the series that box office analysts predict has thus far made in the realm of a bazillion trillion dollars. When asked about it, he said: “I'm guessing that we're a few years away. By the time we come up with a decent idea and develop it into a complicated and intelligent puzzle it's going to be at least 2009. Then to prep it and cast it... it should be three years away.” When asked for a comment, Nic Cage said "Cha-ching, mother-f*ckers!!", and then set a hundred dollar bill on fire just to watch it burn.

Of course this all comes down to money (which is not always a bad thing). And you can probably take that answer and apply it to why Nicolas Cage will definitely be back. Believe me, if he will do THIS, or THIS, or THIS for money, then you can bet your ass he will do an action movie where he gets paid to globe-trot and mack on Diane Kruger. NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS also co-stars Justin Bartha, Jon Voight, Helen Mirren and Ed Harris.
Extra Tidbit: I heard Nic Cage sold his spleen for five bucks on the black market before he got famous. He said no at first but then the guy showed him the crisp bill and, well, the rest is history.
Source: Cinemablend



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