Nat'l Treasure 2 trailer

When the first NATIONAL TREASURE came out, I immediately wrote it off as a hackneyed money-making machine that would have been based on a theme park ride if it could have been. But then the movie came out and it surprised me: it actually made money. A lot.

Now comes the sequel, NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS starring Nicolas Cage, and other notable actors like Jon Voight, Ed Harris, Harvey Keitel and newly minted Oscar winner Helen Mirren. Not bad. I'll tell you what else isn't bad, the new trailer. I just watched it, and it was a fun time at the computer. For about two minutes there, I was entertained: there was intrigue, big action set pieces, some suspense, a few laughs (okay maybe just a smirk), and best of all, it was free. Granted, I'm still not going to see the movie, but for a trailer, it was more than admirable. Check it out over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Helen Mirren plays mother to Cage's character in the film.
Source: Apple Trailers



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