Nay, Hulk not gray

Quicker than a speeding mutant, this past weekend's speculation dissemination that Marvel's massive monster would be the gray version in INCREDIBLE HULK has been debunked by Avi Arad himself.

As some might have suspected, Arad didn't actually mean it when he said Hulk would be a "new color" in the movie. "It’s a different shade of green," he tells Empire, "But the colour is not like the old Hulk. And no, there’s no grey Hulk." Sorry, all you fans of that neutral shade between black and white.

But Arad doesn't stop there -- he squashes rumors that the new Hulk would be the more intelligent version from occasional comic stories, and will be the big destructive lummox we all know and love. "He’ll be instinctive, like a primal creature," Arad says. "There’s no smarts."

Arad also says the new Betty will be announced soon. Could it be the divine Jessica Biel, as previously reported?
Extra Tidbit: Besides sugary effigies of the green goliath himself, the HULK cereal from a few years ago included marshmallows shaped like explosions, lab flasks and bricks. Bricks?? Bah, Hulk no need breakfast.
Source: Empire Online



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