Nazis from space?

If you find yourself reading about all the remakes, comic movies and sequels, and are desperate for something original, how about something featuring a group of Nazis who secretly retreated to the moon during WWII and are preparing their invasion of Earth?

That's the premise behind IRON SKY, an ambitious indie (descibed as a dark scifi comedy set in the year 2018) that's been slowly coming together for a while now. The team behind the project are currently pushing it at Cannes, and just announced an addition to the cast -- genre veteran Udo Kier, who you've seen in everything from FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN/BLOOD FOR DRACULA to SUSPIRIA to BLADE to the remake of HALLOWEEN.

Kier joins other German actors Julia Dietze, Tilo Prückner and Götz Otto (TOMORROW NEVER DIES), who'll be trying to establish the Fourth Reich. The US cast will be announced soon. Meanwhile, click the pic to check out a groovy "motion poster" and visit the official site, and see the original teaser below.

Source: Iron Sky



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