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Need more of a reason to see The Town? We've got a bunch of clips


This isn't much of a surprise, but two days before the release of THE TOWN we get a slew of clips. Ten to be exact.

They want to create more interest for the movie by dropping this load of scenes on us. Well obviously you are interested. So now you can go over the edge with excitement.

I only included two of the clips, so you will have to head over to our videos section for the rest. When choosing clips I made sure that one included Jeremy Renner and the other included Jon Hamm. Obviously Ben Affleck is important, but he's in every clip. Chris Bumbray posted his review of THE TOWN from TIFF today. He deemed the film worthy of a 9/10. Even Blake Lively did an excellent job.

Check out the clips below!

Extra Tidbit: Check out Chris Bumbray's review of THE TOWN.
Source: JoBlo.com



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