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Need to smile? Then watch this trailer for the Batkid documentary


Do you remember hearing about Miles Scott aka Batkid? Scott has been battling leukemia for most of his life, and the five-year-old's Make-A-Wish was to be Batman for one day. The foundation granted Scott's wish last November, but they didn't expect so many people to help with the planned event once news of it went viral.

Thousands of people helped turn San Fransisco into Gotham, and cheered Batkid on as he fought crime with Batman. It's one of the most heartwarming things I've ever seen, and something I think of whenever I start to lose faith in humanity.

A documentary about Scott's adventures is being produced called BATKID BEGINS from filmmaker Dana Nachman, and the first trailer has been released online. BATKID BEGINS is being funded through Indiegogo, and with 22 days left, is almost halfway to its goal of $100,000. If you want to contribute towards BATKID BEGINS, head over to the Indiegogo page for the project, where you can also learn more about the upcoming documentary.

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