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Neil Burger now directing the Uncharted movie


Fans rejoiced when David O. Russell departed the UNCHARTED movie and took his terrible canon-altering ideas with him, and now the project has found a new director.

It's Neil Burger, who hasn't done much, but you know him best from THE ILLUSIONIST and more recently LIMITLESS, which is one of my favorite sleeper movies of the year.

There is no word on whether Mark Wahlberg is sticking around in the titular role of Drake, but I have a hunch he'll leave now that Russell's gone. So can fans hope for Nathan Fillion once more? Might this director have actually heard of him?

Russell leaving is a double-edged sword. Yeah, he had some crazy ideas, but the man is an Oscar-caliber director, something video game movies rarely have. Will Burger be able to produce the same quality of film that Russell would have? I kind of doubt it, but I hope so.

Extra Tidbit: Bruce Campbell for Sully.
Source: Variety



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