Nelson has Ambition

Willie Nelson Willie Nelson, who'd previously played Uncle Jessie to Jessica Simpson's Daisy Duke in the DUKES OF HAZZARD remake, will be re-teaming with the balloon-chested pop starlet as he and quintessential "hey, it's that guy!" character actor Larry Miller have joined the cast of the Scott Marshall-directed comedy BLONDE AMBITION, the not-really-but-yes- really remake of WORKING GIRL that'll see Simpson star in the role made famous by Melanie Griffith. Written by Matt Flanagan, Dave McHugh, Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin (five writers is always a good sign - note: that was sarcasm), in this update, Simpson finds herself in the middle of two ruthless business executives' attempt to become the head of an international conglomerate. At this point, the hilarity, it ensues. Nelson will play Simpson's grandfather with Miller playing the company's CEO. The film is currently shooting in New York with a surprisingly decent cast that includes Luke Wilson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Andy Dick and Penelope Ann Miller and will then move to Shreveport, LA. Nelson can next be seen in the DUKES OF HAZZARD prequel and Miller can next be seen in the sports drama THE FINAL SEASON.

Extra Tidbit: Andy Dick's previously worked with Simpson in the comedy EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.



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