Nerds not dead yet?

Most of you weren't too bent out of shape upon hearing that the REVENGE OF THE NERDS remake was seemingly cancelled a couple weeks ago. Don't stop the party on account of this but, when the guys at CHUD had a chat with McG at a press junket for WE ARE MARSHALL, the director, who's Wonderland Sound & Vision was producing NERDS, had this to say about it: "We’re thinking about (starting up production) right now. If we’re going to do it at all, we want it to be right... we said, ‘Let’s stop shooting until January or February, when we can get back on track.’” If the film does resume, McG and Fox Atomic presumably will find another director to replace Kyle Newman (whose FANBOYS will be released on August 17th). Read more of what McG had to say about this HERE and don't shy away from letting your thoughts rip in the Strike Back below.

Extra Tidbit: Chris Marquette, who began shooting scenes as the star of NERDS, also worked with Newman on FANBOYS. It's unclear if he'd be staying on the project if Newman left.
Source: CHUD



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