Netflix new releases also get delayed by Fox and Universal

Just a few months ago, Warner Bros. initiated a four-week delay before their new DVD releases would be available via the popular click-rental company Netflix.

Now other studios are hoping to slow the bleeding of the DVD business by incorporating a similar window. Fox and Universal will both also now keep their new releases off Netflix's virtual shelves for 28 days after release.

The theoretical upside of the new situation is that Netflix will have an expanded catalog of instantly available streaming content from both companies, although "Fox will have the ability to determine the window on its content in both the physical and streaming formats."

The biggest impact this will have in the immediate future is that you'll have to wait an extra month if you wanted to rent AVATAR rather than buy the first of what is undoubtedly several DVD releases. Jim Cameron's blockbuster hits stores on April 22nd, if you don't want to wait.

The first major Universal release to be affected by the 28-day delay is IT'S COMPLICATED, which may also cause you some emotional distress.

Extra Tidbit: This is havoc for anyone who plans their Netflix returns on Saturday in the hopes of snagging the following Tuesday's new releases...
Source: Netflix



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