Netflix now streaming HD on your PS3 console

If you've got a Sony PS3 (or a Nintendo Wii), as of today you no longer need to insert a proxy DVD into your console to get access to their vast Instant viewing catalog. Thanks to their new application update, Netflix streaming is now available in sweet 1080p video on PS3.

So... how is it? Just checked it out myself on the PS3 -- after a quick app download I was navigating the slick (but simple) interface and sifting through my not-insignificant Instant queue, and fired up a few minutes each of IRON MAN and STAR TREK to get a sample of performance.

Each movie spooled up within just a few seconds, and never stuttered during viewing. Audio was a nice, punchy 5.1 surround. Video quality wasn't as smooth or sharp as Blu-Ray (no surprise) and had some occasional blocky blacks, but was mostly on par with FIOS HD. I suspect I'll be getting cozy with Netflix's seemingly endless streaming selection this winter (and well beyond).

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Extra Tidbit: Anyone remember Blockbuster?
Source: Netflix



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