Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox are reunited in this new still for Scream 4

I guess the set of SCREAM 4 will be full of awkward vibes from here on out since David Arquette and Courteney Cox are separating. He says that she hasn't given him sex in 4 months and she says she's sick of his immaturity.

Great timing for this new still from the movie to come out!

The cop, the bitchy reporter, and the brunette who "runs up the stairs instead of going out the front door" have been reunited! This would be a fun picture to caption given the separation.

In the still, it looks like Deputy Dewey boy is trying to calm everyone down. I'm sure they just had a brush with Ghostface or learned some disturbing news that has to do with him/her. They must be in the middle of Sidney's book signing. As a huge fan of SCREAM, I'm really hoping that this turns out well. Also, watch the Scream Awards on Spike this Saturday for a preview of the film introduced by Arquette and Campbell. Cox will not be showing up.

Extra Tidbit: Matthew Lillard, we miss you...at least I do anyway.
Source: EW



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