Never Back poster

The following poster caught my eye because a movie called NEVER BACK DOWN, has gotta be unintentionally hilarious. Any movie whose title is an inspirational platitude can’t be taken seriously (think BRING IT ON). The poster makes this thing look like the STEP UP of fighting movies, but then you see Djimon Hounsou on there and things really start to get confusing. But then you remember that Nic Cage did NEXT, and you’re reminded that good actors do not equal good movies.

When I read the synopsis of this, which takes place in the mixed martial arts world, it reminded me of the Jean-Claude Van Damme classic KICKBOXER. A fighter (Sean Faris from SMALLVILLE) is forced into a fight and gets his ass served to him in a paper bag. He then finds a mentor/trainer of an experienced fighter (Hounsou) so he can learn how to beat the absolute and complete shit out of his rival, played by Cam Gigandet, who was the bastard responsible for Marissa’s death on THE OC. If there’s one sure thing in this movie, it’s Amber Heard, who I have yet to see on-screen, but who is undeniably good looking. The movie dropkicks on March 14.

Extra Tidbit: This was first called GET SOME, further proving that this is the STEP UP of fighting movies.
Source: impawards.com



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