New Airbender pics

It was only a few weeks ago when my friends would regard James Cameron’s AVATAR as “that anime M. Night Shaymalan movie.” Because of that, the title was wisely swapped to THE LAST AIRBENDER, and hopefully now that the real AVATAR has made $600M and changed filmmaking forever, people will stop mixing them up.

What you see below are shots from the newest issue of Empire (via Last Airbender Fans) which features new photos from the set of THE LAST AIRBENDER. The movie is rumored to have one of the most elaborate sets ever built, which if it fails, can make the project an entirely new low for Shyamalan.

I’ve heard the source material for this is pretty excellent, and I’ve never seen M. Night attempt anything other than horror, so I’ll reserve judgment for now, but if Shaymalan’s film trajectory continues on its current path, the movie very well could crash through the sub-basement where THE HAPPENING resides and start blasting its way through the solid granite beneath it. Or you know, it could be good, I guess.

Check out the pics below, and see them for real when the newest issue of Empire hits shelves.

Extra Tidbit: Literally each of his movies has been worse than the previous one. It's hard to think of another director where that has happened so precisely.



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