New animated T'formers

Animated Transformers This is relatively old news but news is scarce these days and we haven't reported on this so you're gonna have to settle for it until Hollywood decides to start working again. Anyhoo, seeing as how Michael Bay's live action interpretation of warring giant [email protected]%king robots epic TRANSFORMERS is breaking all kinds of ultimately meaningless Tuesday opening box office records, it's no surprise that The Bay is already talking sequel and that, according to IGN, The Cartoon Network is working on a brand spanking new animated series aptly titled "Transformers Animated". The series will take a radically different approach to the franchise by making the robots more human-like in appearance and having them fight as a team against villainous humans and not those nefarious Decepticons. In other words, making them more like traditional superheroes. Um, isn't the point that they're not traditional superheroes? In any case, it'll have a twenty-six episode run with a ninety minute special to launch the series when it debuts in early 2008.

Extra Tidbit: According to IGN, "this will be the first time Transformers toy creators Hasbro are co-producing a series with the US based Cartoon Network, rather than Takara, the Japanese toy and production partner on previous Transformers projects."
Source: IGN



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