New AVP poster

God I'd love to say that not even those wily Japanese artists can improve on the great ad campaign the AVP2 guys have been doing, but... well look at it, it's awesome. I really can't say anything bad about it, I love this poster, with it's sweet graphic novel kinda look.

After you open your presents and watch THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (No? Is it just me that watches that movie every Christmas?), you can get down to the cinemas to catch this thing Christmas day. Although you'll have to learn a lesson my father neglected to and leave your kids at home, since it's inappropriate for them to see aliens exploding from chest cavities and whatnot. Not unless you want them to grow up and live under a bridge and write haikus or something. Not that I do that. It's an arch.

Extra Tidbit: Ah Reiko Aylesworth... I can't wait to see you on the big screen! If only I could get you back to my arch...
Source: /FilmFilmz.ru



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