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New awesome Inception trailer is awesomely awesome!!!


UPDATE: Trailer is now available in luscious HD over at Yahoo! Movies. Be sure to check it out if you haven't yet!

If you've been closely following INCEPTION's Mind Crime viral web game, then you'll have been among the first to see the brand new and supremely cool trailer for Christopher Nolan's big-budget mindf*ck which hit the web today!

Wanna play along and tease yourself a bit? Just head over to Mind Crime and start playing. Look for the movie theater within the game's virtual city, go inside, and hit the space bar to check it out...

...OR screw all that noise and watch it below in lower resolution! INCEPTION opens everywhere July 16th, and you'll be able to see this new trailer in all its stunning glory starting today in front of IRON MAN 2. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: Couldn't be anymore excited for this bitch!



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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