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New awesome trailer for MS One: Maximum Security, formerly known as Lockout


I will never understand the reasoning behind most movie name changes, whether it's JOHN CARTER ditching OF MARS or today by changing LOCKOUT to MS ONE: MAXIMUM SECURITY. It sounds like a bootleg Thai action movie now. And if you spell it out, the literal title is MAXIMUM SECURITY ONE: MAXIMUM SECURITY. 

Anyway, whatever it's called, it looks pretty damn awesome. If you'll recall, this is the movie that stars Guy Pearce as a man sent into a high security space prison to rescue the President's daughter. It seemed a bit like TAKEN initially, but now it's definitely more ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

I've been waiting for Guy Pearce to get a role like this for ages, and though I've only seen two trailers now, this is definitely on my most anticipated list for next year.

Extra Tidbit: He's in PROMETHEUS as well next year. Fantastic.
Source: JoBlo.com



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