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New batch of Fright Night photos still lack David Tennant


UPDATED: Scans from EW added.

Yesterday, you got a first look at the FRIGHT NIGHT remake via some stills. Now there's more stills!

Before you ask, no, there's no David Tennant in these either. Yes, I want disappointed too. But if you want to see his character and haven't yet, check my extra tidbit.

Back to the stills. The first one I opened was the first one you see here of Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge. WTF with the black eyes? Seriously? This isn't 30 DAYS OF FRIGHT NIGHT. Then again, the original was made in 1985, when simplicity usually did the trick. The only thing I'm really uneasy about is the new version of Dandridge. I love Farrell, but I really hope it isn't too over the top.

Check the rest out below.

Extra Tidbit: As promised: Peter Vincent cardboard standee and here's a clearer look.
Source: DisneyThe Playlist



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