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New Bond theme from...


Once the opening scene of QUANTUM OF SOLACE is over and silhouettes of pistols and naked chicks dance across the screen for three and a half minutes, what kind of music will accompany those images?

It'll be none other than foxy Grammy-winner Alicia Keys and dapper alternarocker Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs). The new 007 tune is titled "Another Way to Die" and will be a duet (the first in Bond history), which is good -- Chris Cornell can yowl with some range, but it just doesn't feel quite as Bond without a smoky-voiced lady informing us that "Nobody does it better" or similar.

Amy Winehouse was originally set to perform the theme but has since been indisposed (i.e., is busy ingesting every substance within reach).

Now, let's please get Keys in another sexy movie role...

Extra Tidbit: Shirley Bassey has performed three Bond theme songs, but a-ha only did one. Sad news for their fan.
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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