New Bourne 4 writer

Jason Bourne Action Figure

Universal wants to rake money off Jason Bourne a 4th time exactly when they said they would in 2011 (and presumably just as much), and so proceeded to a writer swap to make sure it happens.

The studio signed Josh Zatumer with Bourne’s latest outing, even though a first draft from previous screenwriter George Nolfi had already been turned in before he departed for Damon’s other upcoming project, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU itself based on Philip K. Dick’s story Adjustment Team. Zetumer has been generating great buzz of late with his take on DUNE for director Peter Berg.

"Our hope is that Nolfi, a key member of the 'Bourne' team will return after he is done with 'The Adjustment Bureau," a studio spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. Which prompts the question: is Zetumer rewriting the previous draft, or does Uni intend to go with 2 parallel scripts and either choose or merge? Or  are they writing two SUBSEQUENT movies??? Don't get me wrong, I like me some ass-kicking Bourne, but I'd rather they take it one at a time and keep doing them well.

Extra Tidbit: A Jason Bourne action figure; why didn't I see that one coming? I wonder if they made one of Julia Stiles...



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