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New Cars 2 trailer burns rubber on your heart


If you're above the age of ten, chances are CARS is probably among your least favorite Pixar movies. It seemed less original than other installments, more directly aimed at children, and it starred Larry the Cable Guy.

Lastly, for a movie about racing, it often seemed awfully slow, as Lightning McQueen spent most of the movie with a boot on his tire. CARS 2 aims to rectify that situation by including both a World Grad Prix race, and James Bond-ish super spy cars, all featured in this new trailer.

Even a bad Pixar movie is still pretty good, so I'm sure CARS will be watchable, but I just wish they'd make more original films instead, or at least sequelize better movies like THE INCREDIBLES.

Check out the new spot below, and see it in HD over at MSN:

Extra Tidbit: Michael Caine was a good call though.
Source: MSN



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