New Chap. 27 poster

I’m struggling with my weight. I used to work out almost daily and I had the body of one of those body builders from 1930s—kind of warped, but still impressive. Since I stopped exercising, my muscles have deteriorated into saggy fat that hangs off my body like sad, soft rubber. I don’t look good in t-shirts anymore and I certainly don’t feel like going to any beaches. It’s humiliating. So when I see Jared Leto gaining weight for a film role at will, and then losing it again like he just climb out of some organic fat suit is frustrating. Looking at the new poster for CHAPTER 27 that MTV has nabbed, I still can’t believe that’s him. I want to find out how he gained that weight, and then do the opposite. Except that I’m addicted to binge eating, so that won’t happen anytime soon. Anyway, click ABOVE to see just how remarkable Leto’s transformation into John Lennon’s assassin truly is.
Extra Tidbit: After Mark David Chapman shot Lennon, he remained at the scene at read CATCHER IN THE RYE until the police arrived.
Source: MTV



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