New Cloverfield pics

Well, there was a little discussion around the JoBlo.com office yesterday and it appears that I might be the only guy here still as desperate to see CLOVERFIELD as I was the first time I saw that teaser. I've so far resisted the temptation to peak at that notorious new trailer floating around the web that was taken on someone's phone camera, but I'll welcome these brand new pictures, and short interview with Lizzy Caplan, one of the stars of the film, that you can check out HERE. Black Book Magazine asked Caplan about how the project was kept so secretive: "We had to swap out every new set of pages with the old pages. They’re bright red, the scripts, and watermarked with our names. So, nobody wanted to be the one to accidentally leak it. They’re pretty hardcore about all of that. I don’t know how they’ve managed to keep it so secretive, though, because people obviously want to know more. And nobody knows anything. The speculation is very inaccurate. And about ridiculous speculation... "There’s all this YouTube stuff about analyzing the trailer. People are seeing things that aren’t there and making up stuff that isn’t true. There’s this one still of me and Jessica Lucas, who’s another actress in the film, and people thought there was some crazy lion behind us. But people are wrong."

Hopefully this has done a little to drag you guys back to my side of the fence where the 18th of January can't get here fast enough. I mean let's call a spade a spade here, it's not THE DARK KNIGHT and I'm not going to sleep trying to figure out if it's Godzilla or Voltron, but come on guys, it's freaking JJ Abrams and that teaser was incredible!
Extra Tidbit: Seriously, how often is there a movie this huge that you get to go into with absolutely no idea what to expect? This is something to be excited about, guys!
Source: BlackBookComingSoon



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