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Empire just got a bunch of new stills from Paul Bettany’s Darwin biopic, CREATION, which features Darwin as more of a regular dude as opposed the white bearded, marble statue head we normally think of him as. The new shots feature Bettany’s Darwin with his wife and kids, as well as playing with an orangutan as seen below. But I thought we were more closely related to chimpanzees?

Sadly, I’m told at no point during this movie does the ape strap on skates and play hockey, making this the worst buddy-monkey movie ever. What, they want us to learn about science or something? Everyone knows if your movie has a monkey it must either be playing sports or climbing the Empire State Building holding a hot blonde chick.

Click on the pictures to head over to Empire for the full gallery.

Extra Tidbit: There's no way Charles Darwin's wife was that hot.
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