New Devil poster shows evil lurking in the elevator

People may groan when his name appears in trailers now, but M. Night Shyamalan's DEVIL might actually have a chance at not sucking, due to the fact that someone else is taking over directing and screenplay duties for him.

The concept of being stuck in an elevator with something evil is inherently pretty scary, even if one of those guys is the “snozberries taste like snozberries” guy from SUPER TROOPERS.

Empire has debuted a new poster from the film that I have to admit is damn cool looking. It’s a very subtle way of including the anti-christ devil cross, and hopefully the film is as smart as this poster. I’m all for Shyamalan’s original concepts, but it’s just the script that always makes them fall apart. Hopefully someone else can do good work with his story here.

Extra Tidbit: Laugh all you want at the typecast snozzberries guy (Geoffrey Arend), but he's married to Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. I'm serious.
Source: Empire



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