New Directors coming

Wired Magazine has a pretty cool new feature looking at six new music video directors who are making the medium 'cool again'. Obviously, some of the best directors working today have a background in that art form, so it might be an idea to take a look at them. We can't fool ourselves into thinking that visionaries like Brett Ratner grew on some kind of miracle tree, we've got to - as film fans - get to to know the roots. Check the list out HERE.

Related: I don't know if you guys all know about the 'Work of Director' series of DVDs but they are dynamite. I've got the whole set and I put them on all the time. If you're into music videos you can check those bad boys out over HERE. The original volumes featured Chris Cunningham, Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry but has since branched out to include people like Mark Romanek and Jonathan Glazer.
Extra Tidbit: Favorite director to emerge from music videos? Spike Jonze made the better videos but I gotta go with Finch for film work.
Source: Wired



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