New District 9 viral

Sony Pictures has released a new viral video for DISTRICT 9, the upcoming Peter Jackson produced sci-fi flick. Without giving too much away, it would seem to launch some kind of ARG as the end of the video provides a number for people to call the Multi-National United hotline to report a non-human sighting.

Being the generally bored guy that I am, I called the number and was welcomed to the MNU hotline. I was told that, yes, non-humans had escaped and that I should press 1 to report a sighting. That brings up a rather lengthy legal disclaimer that kinda blows the cover on this whole viral thing. Lots of talk about how Sony Pictures has the right to use your message in audio or text form to promote DISTRICT 9, etc. I was hoping it would be a little more A.I. than this but, hey, at least they're thinking outside the box a little. Check out the clip below...

Extra Tidbit: That A.I. game was better than the movie itself.
Source: JoBlo.com



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