New Elah poster

The last time Paul Haggis directed a movie it won the Oscar for best picture, so now that his next directorial effort is coming out, all eyes are on Haggis to see what he can do without Ludacris in his cast, because we all know it was Luda who swayed the Academy. IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH is Haggis' meditation on the impact war has on those who fight it, and now we've got a look at the film's poster. It stars Tommy Lee Jones as a father who is searching for his son, who's gone missing after returning from Iraq. Charize Theron shows up as a police detective and Susan Sarandon plays Lee's wife. Haggis wrote the script based on an article that appeared in PLAYBOY magazine, leaving me to believe that Haggis actually is one of those guys who reads Playboy 'for the articles.' You're a better man than I, Paul. ELAH opens on September 21, and you can click the poster to ENLARGE.
Extra Tidbit: Paul Haggis co-created WALKER, TEXAS RANGER.
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