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New Expendables trailer to explode your face off!


I’m hard pressed to think of a past film that can rival THE EXPENDABLES' pure amount of testosterone per square inch, and honestly I think this just might be the manliest movie ever made.

What can I ever say about this new trailer? It’s practically a top ten list of the biggest movie badasses of the last thirty years, and for the first time we get to see Bruce Willis and Arnold pop up in their cameo roles. Not to mention Rourke, Lundgren, Couture and Stone Cold Steve Austin rounding out the main three of Stallone, Statham and Jet Li.

It’s essentially “Rambo with a team of Rambos” and I don’t quite understand the plot other than “must kill bad dictator,” but good lord does this look like a blast, all puns aside. Check it out below and head to Yahoo! for HD.

Extra Tidbit: Throw Tony Jaa in there and the universe might implode from the awesomeness.
Source: Yahoo!



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